How to Begin a Core Circle

Everyone can create gatherings (Core circles) of women which has been shown to deepen the connections within the Jewish people, with Hashem and with the Torah. Core circles can “create spaces in which others flourish, ”  they can build and nourish individuals, fortify marriages and homes, and strengthen the fabric of our people.

To begin a Core circle, a connector (group leader) invites friends or community members to come together for an activity or facilitated conversation. The women could then discuss a book, do a craft, do some Jewish learning, go on an outing or participate in any other activity that your group chooses.
Alternatively a group that already meets regularly could become a Core circle. For example a study group, exercise group, or another group that meets on a consistent basis could become a Core group by bringing in Core values (as described below). Similarly monthly gatherings of women like challah bakes, or Rosh Chodesh celebrations, which already bring women together for connection and community building, could also become Core circles.
Core Circles meet regularly and consistently.
Core values are:
  • Connecting with Hashem and the Torah. (through davening, learning, saying tehillim, including a dvar Torah.)
  • Connecting with the Jewish people. (through deep and meaningful conversations , doing chesed together in your community, or by inviting new members to join)
  • Building /nourishing individuals. (by supporting, encouraging, listening to and recharging each other.)
  • Strengthening marriages/homes.
  • Strengthening communities.
  • Creating spaces in which others can feel safe and thereby flourish. (through encouraging others to share, participate, and be authentic.)

We provide a robust resource bank of ideas for your Core circles.

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