Core Circles

What is a Core Circle?

A Core circle is a micro-community of 5-10 women who get together regularly to nurture meaningful relationships with each other, with God and with the Torah.

What are the benefits of a Core Circle?

  1. Emotional Support: Core circles provide a safe space for individuals to express their feelings, concerns, and vulnerabilities without fear of judgment.
  2. Trust and Confidentiality: Members of a core circle usually have a high level of trust and can confide in each other with sensitive information, knowing it won’t be shared without permission.
  3. Shared Goals and Values: Core circles often share common interests, goals, or values, which can create a sense of belonging and unity among members.
  4. Accountability: Being part of a core circle can motivate individuals to stay accountable for their actions, goals, and commitments.
  5. Feedback and Perspective: Core circle members can provide valuable feedback and offer different perspectives, helping individuals gain new insights and make more informed decisions.
  6. Personal Growth and Development: Through mutual support and encouragement, core circles can foster personal growth, self-improvement, and the pursuit of individual aspirations.
  7. Reduced Isolation: It can be easy to feel isolated or alone in certain situations. Core circles combat this by providing companionship, understanding, and a sense of belonging.
  8. Stress Reduction: Knowing that you have a group of people who have your back can reduce stress and anxiety levels.
  9. Problem-Solving and Guidance: Members can pool their knowledge and experiences to help each other navigate challenges and find solutions to problems.
  10. Celebrating Successes: Core circles celebrate achievements and milestones, providing a source of motivation and reinforcement.
  11. Networking and Connections: Within a professional context, core circles can offer valuable networking opportunities and connections that may lead to career advancement or new opportunities.
  12. Diverse Perspectives: A core circle made up of individuals from different backgrounds, cultures, or experiences can provide a rich array of perspectives, fostering creativity and innovation.
  13. Long-lasting Relationships: Core circles often form deep, enduring bonds that can last a lifetime.
  14. Increased Resilience: Having a support system can increase an individual’s resilience in the face of adversity, helping them bounce back from setbacks more effectively.
  15. Improved Mental Health: A strong core circle can contribute to improved mental well-being by providing emotional support, reducing feelings of loneliness, and offering outlets for expression.

It’s important to note that the benefits of a core circle can vary depending on the specific individuals involved and the dynamics of the group. Not every core circle will offer all of these advantages, but a well-functioning and supportive one can be a powerful asset in an individual’s life.

Core imagines a world in which Jewish women are so connected with Hashem, the Torah, and with each other that the warmth of Torah radiates through them to others, creating communities that are so warm and inspiring that everyone born into them wants to stay, and everyone else wants to join.

Why a Core Circle?

Check out this TED talk by Shasta Nelson that divulges the three requirements for any successful relationship and makes the case for actively investing in friendships.

Why is it so important to have strong friendships and a solid social structure?

The book Together, by Vivek Murthy delves into the depths of why loneliness can be deadly and what to do about it.

How can I make my circle more meaningul?

The book The Art of Gathering by Priya Parker breaks down the elements of successful and meaningful gatherings.

Being a Circle Facilitator is an important community building role and Core wants to help you be successful!


Anyone! Register here to become a Core Circle Facilitator.

Circle Facilitators invite friends or friends to be to participate in their Circle.

Each Core Circle will look different depending on the women who make up each circle.  The purpose of each gathering is connection.  The pathways are multiple.  Some groups will gather to chat or play a game or do a craft.  Others will want to learn something together or take on a chessed initiative that motivates them.

Our recommendation is that a theme or some form of structure does exist in order for the time to be focused and purposeful.

As an option, Core suggests monthly themed resources to support Circle Facilitators. These resources are to be used at the Circle Facilitator’s own discretion as a springboard for conversation and connection.  Circle Facilitators are invited to select any content that is of interest to their Circle participants. Further, Circle Facilitators may suggest circle members watch, read or listen to content independently beforehand so that they can discuss it during their Circle time.

Core Circles are designed to take place in person so that real connections can be made. Locations for Core Circles can include yet are not limited to: homes, parks, cafes, libraries etc…

Scheduling can be set by the Circle Facilitators or collaboratively agreed on with circle members. They can take place once a week or as infrequently as once a month. We recommend setting aside 1- 1 1/2 hours for each meeting.

Core Disclaimer: Core offers a wide range of resources without endorsing any specific one.  Please use your discretion as you choose the resource you plan to share with your group.

Have more questions?  Contact us and we’ll do our best to troubleshoot with you.