Core Mentors provide one-on-one spiritual care and hashkafic (functional philosophical) guidance to women in the Jewish community.

Core’s mentor incubator is comprised of an international cohort of women who are already mentors in some capacity.  The two year training program includes classes on a wide range of topics from leaders in the Jewish world, both group and private supervision from a PhD, and guided field projects.

Additionally, Mentors have access to a pool of professionals: rabbonim, physicians, therapists, attorneys, psychologists and social workers to whom they may refer, and from whom they may seek guidance.

Core Mentors answer calls for women who seek spiritual advice or guidance in areas such as: parenting, marriage, intimacy, infertility, fertility at forty, postpartum depression, parenting/relating to adult children and in-law children, respecting and caring for parents and in-law parents, managing homes with children who have left the derech, managing marriages where husbands have left the derech, managing relationships that include mental illness, understanding Jews from different communities and different hashkafos, dealing with childhood trauma, emunas chachamim, emunah and bitachon, spiritual anchoring and spiritual growth.

Some Core Mentors are also therapists. Those that are not refer out for therapy after initial spiritual guidance. Core Mentors may provide cultural context to professionals within their community, particularly in cities with smaller orthodox populations, thereby increasing the number of effective therapists (and physicians) for Jewish clients. Core Mentors also work with non-orthodox Jewish communal professionals to bridge gaps and increase connections between communities. Finally, Core Mentors work in concert with rabbis, helping women to think through and focus their shailahs, and offering valuable insight to rabbis on situations in families and in the community.