Circles and Gatherings

Core helps women take responsibility for their own Yiddishkeit and for a little piece of their neighbors’.

Core has created an action paradigm that empowers women to support themselves and one another from within their communities. The goal is to equip grassroots groups of Jewish women with the tools they need to foster positive, lasting connections and develop themselves spiritually and socially within their unique circles.

In this way, Core enriches communities at their root, building the foundation for a more durable and robust Jewish future.

Core accomplishes this through Core Circles – lay-led micro-communities of 5-15 women. These Circles are offline, in-person, supportive interactions that further female connection to each other and Hashem.

For the Circles to be successful, Core also trains and offers Core Mentors and Guides, develops resources for Circle Leaders, arranges opportunities for Circles to connect to the wider movement locally, regionally and internationally, and facilitates conversation and cooperation of existing Orthodox Jewish Women’s initiatives.

Keeping Circles small allows Core and its objectives to reach individuals in a targeted meaningful way. The limited size makes it easier for Circle leaders to focus attention on the specific and unique needs of the women in the Circles they create, gearing their interactions towards those in their group.

This also conforms with current social science regarding adult friendships, which shows that adults–specifically women–can only maintain under 10 close friendships at a given time, and that these relationships are most powerfully beneficial when they allow for frequency, vulnerability, and positivity.

Core Guides help create groups, move them forward, troubleshoot problems and make connections between groups. This nurtures feelings of interconnection on local, regional and international levels, fostering an awareness of global Jewish life and one’s place within the whole.