Core’s Communities of Practice

Core’s Communities of Practice are groups of women who share a field of Jewish service.

Each community regularly comes together with focused conversations and professional development aimed at improving and inspiring their practice. The goal is to create relationships with each other that give support, encouragement, pertinent information and chizuk. These communities provide opportunities to learn from and with each other.

Please note: These groups are not a substitute for Rabbinic guidance or piskei din.

Core offers classes to members of its Communities of Practice.
Please join a community to register for classes.

Frum Female CEOs

Core’s Community of Practice for Frum Female CEOs of Jewish non-profit organizations is for women who share a CEO role.

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Community Rebbetzins

Core’s Community of Practice for Community Rebbetzins is a safe space for Community Rebbetzins to find peer support, share experiences,

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Adult Torah Educators

Core’s Community of Practice for Torah Teachers is a community of women who join together to share experiences, advice, ideas, 

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Teachers’ Lounge

(MS and HS Limudei Kodesh Teachers and Mechanchos)

Core’s Teacher’s Lounge Community of

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Kallah Teachers

Core’s Community of Practice for Kallah Teachers provides an opportunity to learn from and with each other in their shared role as Kallah teachers.

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Core’s Community of Practice for Mikarvos is for women who are engaged with any form of kiruv – be it physical, emotional or spiritual.

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Therapists and Trauma Healers

Core’s Community of Therapists and Trauma Healers provide peer support, international networking opportunities

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Circle Facilitators

Core’s Community of Practice for Circle Connectors brings together women who facilitate Core Circles around the world.  This community provides an

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Core’s Community of Practice for Doulas is a community of women who share experiences, advice, ideas, resources and knowledge.

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Death and Bereavement Supporters

This is a community for those who support others in times of grief and mourning. Professional development will be offered as

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Chevra Kadisha Members

Core’s Community of Practice for female members of Chevras Kadisha are all women who engage in and are passionate about the practice of tahara.

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Bikur Cholim Directors

Core’s Community of Practice for Division Heads of Bikur Cholim connect to learn from and with each other about effective programs, protocols and procedures for local

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Jewish Emotional Teen Support (JETS)

Core’s Jewish Emotional Teen Support (JETS) Community is made up of women, with both professional and lay roles, with a

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Core’s Community of Bodkos is made up of women who are trained and practicing bodkos.  In this community, women can share information, ask questions

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Core currently runs Communities of Practice for kallah teachers, torah teachers, community Rebbetzins, Circle Facilitators, Chevra Kadisha members, doulas, directors of Bikur Cholim, therapists and trauma healers, death and bereavement suppporters, women who support the emotional wellbeing of Teens, middle school and high school teachers and frum female leaders of Jewish non-profits.

Professional Development Past and Present

Professional development classes are offered to women in each of Core’s Communities of Practice.

Click on a “join” link above to join a community and register for classes.