Communities of Practice

Connecting, Developing, and Supporting Orthodox Women Engaged in Klal Work

A Core Community of Practice unites women from around the world who share specific roles in Orthodox communal life.
Core provides targeted sessions of professional development as well as access to a resource bank for each community.
Additionally, Core facilitates virtual conversations and in-person conferences where women learn, share, and collaborate with each other.

“Core has been a game changer! The fact that we can connect with people in our professions from all over the world, collaborate on materials and ideas, be inspired by other people doing the same thing that we are in different places,  is truly amazing.”

Debra Green

Torah Educator and Kallah Teacher

“Now, if I’m stuck and need advice, I have an arsenal of women to turn to, whose experiences can inform my work. Similarly, I can be there for them, sharing the knowledge and learning I’ve gained. This not only benefits me: it benefits all of us and our communities, and it’s changing how our communities are accessing this wonderful spiritual care.

Rivky Boyarsky, CNM

Bodekes and Kallah Teacher

Join Your Community:

Kallah Teachers

For those who educate and support women in the practice of Taharas HaMishpacha.

Community Shul Rebbetzins

For women whose husbands are the rov of a shul or shteibel.

Inyanei Speechs Gemach

(Adult Education)

For women women who teach adults, from Seminary age and up, in both formal and informal settings.

Chevra Kadisha Members

For female members of traditional Chevra Kadishas.

Death and Bereavement Supporters

For those who support the dying and bereaved.

FFCs:Frum Female CEOs

For CEOs and decision makers in Jewish non-profit organizations.

Teachers’ Lounge

For middle/high school and seminary limudei kodesh teachers and mechanchos.

Women in Outreach who SHINE

 (Share Torah, Help, Inspire, Nurture, Educate)


For trained Bodkos who facilitate the practice of Taharas HaMishpacha.

Therapists and Trauma Healers

For trained Trauma Healers and Therapists who serve the Orthodox community.

Bikur Cholim Directors

For Directors, Division Heads and Project Directors of Bikur Cholim Societies.

Circle Facilitators

For women who facilitate Core Circles.


For doulas and birth educators who work within the Orthodox community.

Jewish Emotional Teen Support (JETS)

 For professional and lay leaders dedicated to the mental health and well-being of our teens.

More communities forming in 2024, b’ezras Hashem. Contact us with your ideas.

Professional Development Past and Present

Professional development classes are offered to women in each of Core’s Communities of Practice.

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