The essential message of Shavuot epitomised in the book of Ruth, that at the heart of faith is that faithfulness that binds us to one another in the love that is loyalty, and the loyalty that is love.

Olami Resources on the Lag B’Omer Meron Tragedy

A collection of thoughtful and insightful resources devoted to exploring religious responses to this tragic episode in Jewish history


Mother of Kings / Megillas Ruth: Commentary and insights on the Book of Ruth


Sefiros Spiritual Refinement through Counting the Omer By Rabbi Yaacov Haber with Rabbi Dovid Sedley

Netzach Video

7 Keys to Master Your Life’s Mission #4: Netzach by Rabbi Shlomo Buxhaum  


Happiness is Homemade by Rachel Arbus: A Torah Approach to Personal Growth, Marital Harmony, and Childrearing