Sefiros Spiritual Refinement through Counting the Omer By Rabbi Yaacov Haber with Rabbi Dovid Sedley

Netzach Video

7 Keys to Master Your Life’s Mission #4: Netzach by Rabbi Shlomo Buxhaum  


Happiness is Homemade by Rachel Arbus: A Torah Approach to Personal Growth, Marital Harmony, and Childrearing

Contemporary Thought

How to buy happiness? The Purchases Most Likely to Bring You Joy TED talk by Michael Norton. Rooted in the idea of giving leads to love…. Love leads to happiness …… When you think of buying happiness, you probably think of spending money on yourself. That’s perfectly normal, but there’s a strong case for spending money on others to create happiness. Sometimes seeing someone else’s smile can do more for you than making yourself smile.


Beautifully captures who Henny Machlis was, showing how one person can change the world for the better.