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Small Wonders

Fertility/Infertility resources and support. Provides medical guidance and financial assistance towards Fertility/Infertility treatments. Based in Toronto.

Knafayim ‚ Wings of Hope

Strengthens and supports families facing Pregnancy and early baby loss. ‚Free support groups in Lakewood and Brooklyn ‚ Free phone support ‚ Pregnancy loss packet Online Information: https://www.facebook.com/knafayimwingsofhope/ Contact: For immediate assistance: Call Malkie Klaristenfed, Director of Pregnancy Loss and Support Services at (917) 627-5528 ‚To request a Pregnancy loss packet and/or register for phone support series: Call Rochel Lea Grossman at (917) 691-5470 or email: mklaristenfeld@gmail.com

Game Workshop

For this workshop, you will use games to facilitate…

Besamin Boxes

Coming Soon! Carry the sweetness of the Chagim…

Honey Tasting

Honey tasting can be as much of an art as wine tasting!