40 Days to a New Year

An Interactive Journey to 5782

The invitation to partake in the ’40 days to a new year’ project, was unprecedented. Never would we have predicted that, starting 1 Elul 5780/2020, more than 3500+ copies would be downloaded, printed and shared. With over 100 facilitators across the globe sharing their daily thoughts to their kehillos, friends and learning circles.

The book was an opportunity to learn, contemplate and connect. Starting first of Elul and continuing through Yom Kippur, this 40-day initiative was an opportunity to help us pause, take stock and partake in our own cheshbon hanefesh- personal spiritual accounting.

You can download the interactive book that we prepared on the link above. It was designed as a  40-day journey to self assessment, culminating in creating a Personal Road Map for 5781.  It included QR codes throughout the text linking to more content, articles, classes and shiurim, for people to scan the codes when wanting to learn more. In his classic book of Jewish ethics, “The Path of the Just,” Rabbi Moshe Chaim Luzzato teaches: “The foundation of good action and the root of true service of G-d is for a person to know his goal in this world.” This book, thank G-d, helped many to do just that. Work is already underway for next year’s book and we invite your feedback and thoughts….

 In loving memory of Lella Yamin-Joseph. A true Eshet Chayil. L’iluy Nishmat Yona bat Gershom v’Esther A’H