40 Days to a New Year

An Interactive Journey to 5781

You are invited to join us and thousands across the globe to learn, contemplate and connect.

Starting on the first of Elul and continuing through Yom Kippur,

this 40 day initiative will help us all to ‘pause’, take stock and partake

in our own ‘cheshbon hanefesh’, personal spiritual accounting.

At the link above, you can download the interactive book that we designed as a 40 day journey to self assessment, culminating in creating a Personal Road Map for the coming year. It includes QR codes throughout the text linking to more content, articles, classes and shiurim, as well as conversations. You can scan the codes when you want to learn more.

In his classic book of Jewish ethics, “The Path of the Just,” Rabbi Moshe Chaim Luzzato teaches: “The foundation of good action and the root of true service of G-d is for a person to know his goal in this world.” We hope this booklet will be a helpful navigational tool along your way.

As we write this, we still don’t know if we will have services together this Elul and Tishrei. Nevertheless, we hope that, please G-d, working through the pages of this book on our own and with friends, we can grow together right now as we journey individually and as a community in preparation for the Days of Awe and the [hopefully] awesome days that lie ahead.

May we all be inscribed in the book of long, happy and meaningful life!