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Deracheha:Women and Mitzvot

Website run under the auspices of Yeshivat Har Etzion and their rabbanim- resource for any area of Halacha related to Women. The articles are written by Women in a woman’s voice and address different mitzvot. They include sources and comprehensive development of the Halacha from the psukim until modern day poskim. You can read brief summaries, the full in depth article, view just the actual sources and also explore hashkafic questions. There are also podcasts, video series and a place to submit questions.


In Shifra’s Arms

Jewish resource for unplanned Pregnancy crises in the United States. We help Women from any background, at any stage of Pregnancy. We offer material and financial aid from the first trimester through the baby’s first birthday, as well as sensitive follow-up in cases of abortion and miscarriage.


My Kallah Teacher

Site to help kallahs make the most informed decision they can about choosing their kallah classes. The questionnaire includes only structured, scaled questions. In addition, while entries will be reviewed for verification purposes, they will be kept anonymous. By creating a website designed to present brides with available kallah teachers and people’s previous experiences with them, the common problem of kallahs having frustrating and traumatic class and teacher experiences can be decreased. The site also has a short list of resources for kallahs.


Mikvah Calendar

Rabbinically Approved Mikvah Calendar for Jewish Couples of Today – makes it simpler than ever before to keep the detailed laws of family purity with confidence and ease. Times and dates automatically calculated. Chabad, Ashkenazic & Sephardic Customs. Email & SMS Reminders. Estimated Ovulation Reminder.


A Woman’s Mitzvah: A Fully Sourced Guide to the Laws of Family Purity

(based on classes by Rav Yitzchak Berkovits) – sourced guide to laws of TH. Special attention has been given to distinguish between what is Halacha, what is minhag (custom), and what is a chumrah (a stringency beyond the halachic requirement). There is a chapter on halachos of intimacy (Devorah Kigel comments: more stringent opinions regarding intimacy)