Vision Boards and Goal Setting


Goal setting for the new year or anytime! A craft project with discussion prompts.



Everyone can pick scrapbook paper to glue on as a background to their vision boards, then continue to design and paste onto it things that represent their goals and wishes for the coming year. Take time and have fun with this! Afterwords, some people might like to share their boards with the group and speak about one of the things they chose to add to it and why.

Ask them – how do they hope to accomplish their goals this year? Before leaving, have every person mark down on the backs of their boards 3 small but concrete steps that they will take in order to bring their dreams to fruition.

D’var Torah Inspiration

Goal Setting A short vort from Chabad

Achieving Goals A short vort from Chabad

Discussion Questions

  • Rosh Hashana is a time of renewal – we want to approach Hashem with a new vision for ourselves for the new year.
  • Discuss the lesson of Modeh Ani as a powerful meditation to begin each day. The last words are “Great is Your faith” – every day G-d has faith in our ability to be better than the day before.
    • How does it feel knowing that G-d has faith in you?
    • What possibilities does this open up for you?
  • Ask yourself: Who do you want to become?  What improvement or change do you want to make in your life? How will you overcome the mistakes of last year and what will you do differently?

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