Recipe Swap

A recipe swap is easy to host, and can be as simple as you’d like it to be. All you really need to do is ask your Circle members to get together one evening, each bringing enough copies of their favorite dairy recipe for each member of your Circle.

Its nice to provide something for each participant to take home their recipes in. It can be as simple as a folder, or as fancy as a recipe box. For a fun craft project, you could have supplies such as paints and brushes so that your Circle could decorate recipe boxes.

Any d’var Torah relevant to the parshah, shabbat, or upcoming an holiday would be the perfect way to add a bit of Torah to this get together.

After participants have arrived and socialized, gather everyone together for the recipe swap. go around the room and have each participant say a little something about their recipe and why they chose to bring it. Then they will pass their recipe out to everyone present.

As a nice gesture, collect recipes for those unable to attend and deliver or ask them to pick up.

If your group was up to it, each member could prepare the dish who’s recipe they are sharing, and each member would be able to taste the food they are getting the recipe for.