Knick Knack Conversation

This activity is a great way to dive in and have deep and meaningful conversation with your Circle.

To start, you will have a table covered with small items. You will then explain that each participant will come to the table and take three objects. One object will represent their strength, one will represent a strength of the Jewish people, and the last will represent a challenge of the Jewish people. Once everyone has chosen their objects, you will go around the room and each participant will explain why they chose their object. When telling about the object that is there strength, each participant will also say how they use it to inspire others. You can limit each person to five minutes if you choose.

As an additional activity, you can give each participant the opportunity to steal an item from someone else that triggered them in any way during the previous share, and share why they stole it.

If you are worried that no one will want to go first, use small pieces of paper with a number on one side that participants will draw randomly from at the knick knack table.

Suggestions for your knick knack table: small toys, trinkets from your house, chop sticks, jewish items like a tzedakkah box, coin, clothing tag, knitting needles, cup, small box, jewelry box, piece of fruit, ball, game pieces, pen, etc…