Cooking Ahead Together

We are all so busy during the week with family responsibilities, household duties and work. It can be challenging every night to answer the mental question we pose for ourselves: “What’s for dinner?” The goal of this group is to have new recipes and come away with meals that are ready to freeze, AND to have fun doing it! It can be a weekly or monthly group and can work well with the same group of 4-6 people getting together regularly, though you can adjust the format to suit your needs.

In this event, a group of friends get together to cook weekday meals in advance, to help everyone have easy meals ready during the course of our busy lives. Each person ahead of time picks a family favorite recipe to make and purchases enough ingredients for everyone who will be at the get together. On the day – it can be a few hours, but together you can chop, mix, and cook together – all while transforming cooking into a fun activity with time to be with friends instead of standing alone in your kitchen. At the end of your time together, everyone gets one of each meal to take home and freeze. (They may also need to bake/roast food individually at home first due to time constraints and oven space limitations.)

Suggestion: Have each participant bring a binder where they can add recipes from others at each event.