Challah Bake Themes

Challah bakes are fun, but sometimes you need to spice it up! Heres a list of themes and ideas to add a twist to your next challah bake:

Toppings Make your event all about toppings! Have a selection of toppings available so participants can experiment with new and fun ideas. What to try: chocolate chips, sprinkles, poppy seeds, sesame seeds, minced dried garlic, minced dried onion, Everything but the Bagel spice blend, zatar, cinnamon, sugar…

Gluten Free With so many allergic or sensitive to gluten as well as those with Celiac disease, its good to know how to make a hamotzi gluten free challah for those guests that may need. Chana Miriam ‘s gluten free challah recipe can be found here.

Braids Experiment with every different braid technique you can find: six braid, three braid, four braid etc.

51EC1A9C-C70B-4C1E-8A88-582DF5D85D08Key Challah After Pesach is a perfect time to host a special challah bake where you creat your chalet in the shapes of keys. Be sure to come with background on this tradition for those that may not be familiar with why this is done.

Egg Free Similar to gluten free, sometimes you may need an egg free challah. Have a challah bake without eggs to show how easy it can be. A recipe for egg free challah can be found here.

539BCB5C-660A-452C-A707-6169D11F79F2Rainbow Challah Fun for around parshah Noach or even Purim. Just be sure to buy plenty of food coloring, it takes quite a bit.

Art Challah Whether its a fish for Adar, a tree for Shvat, or even a beehive for Rosh Hashanah, this is a challah bake to have fun and get really creative. The simplest is probably flowers on the challah for Shavuot.