For this workshop, you will use games to facilitate meaningful conversation in your group.

To start, split your Circle into two groups (group A and group B), and have each start playing a different board game. After about 15 minutes, switch the pieces around so that the people in group A are now using the pieces from the game Group B is using, and vice versa.  Have them continue playing for another five minutes with these new pieces. Then stop and talk about the any lessons the women learn from this experience.

Here are a few points to discuss:

  • My Mission is unique. Other people’s pieces don’t work for my game.
  • Focus inward and upward, not outward.
  • Hashem gave us everything we need to play our life. She’asah li kol tzarki.
  • If I spend time looking at other people’s game pieces, I’ll lose out playing my game. (Emphasis on other people’s test papers, marriages are falling apart from this. Not judging others, see what its like to have those tools, don’t know how we would deal with that. V’chol asher lo. Whole package.)
  • Change is awkward.
  • As Voltaire once wrote, “Life is like a game of cards… each player must accept the cards life deals him/her. But once in hand, he or she alone must decide how to play the cards to win the game.”

Suggested games: Doodle DiceScrabbleSorryMonopoly

Suggestion: Great event to combine with a Game Night


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