Gather for a unique event: Havdalah candle making! This is a simple event, though an oven is needed. A hot plate could be substituted.


Set Up

Set up for this event simply by placing out the materials.


Heat the oven very low, 150-200 degrees. Lay out the parchment paper on the baking sheet. Lay out a beeswax sheet on the parchment paper. Cut three pieces of wicking, a few inches longer than the width of the beeswax sheet, and set aside. Place the baking sheet with the beeswax sheet in the oven for just about ten seconds (too long and it will melt!). Your goal is just to soften it so it won’t break when you roll it. Remove it from the oven, and immediately place your wicking two, four, and six inches from the edge of the beeswax sheet. Begin rolling your beeswax sheet, rolling your wicking into your candle as you go. When you are finished rolling, press the edge of your beeswax into your candle to seal it in place.

To decorate your candle, use the colored sheets of decorating beeswax. Scissors will easily cut the wax. into shapes. You can easily shape this wax using your hands. ating

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