There are many ways to bring Core ideas and connections to your community.

Lay leaders and community leaders alike can create gatherings of women that deepen connections with Hashem, with the Torah, and within the Jewish people. They can facilitate them in ways that build and nourish individuals, strengthen marriages and homes, and strengthen the fabric of our communities. All this by “creating space in which others flourish”.

One way to get started is to gather a group into a Core Circle. A Connector (group leader), will invite friends or neighbors to come together for an activity or facilitated conversation. This could be anything from a book club to a craft, learning or an outing, or other event or activity that your group enjoys. Most Core Circles meet regularly, either weekly or every two to three weeks.

Another way to get started is to turn a group that already meets regularly into a Core group. For example, if you have a study group, exercise group, mah jong group, or another group that meets on a consistent basis, you can shift it into a Core group by bringing the Core Values into your activity.

Small groups aren’t the only way to bring Core to your community.

A lot of women enjoy gatherings for monthly activities like challah bakesRosh Chodesh gatherings, or other similar events that bring together women in your area for connections and community biulding.

No matter what kind of gathering you create, it becomes a Core event when you bring several or all Core Goals and Leadership Styles to your group. These include:

  • It facilitates connections with Hashem.
  • It facilitates connections with the Torah.
  • It facilitates connections with the Jewish people.
  • It builds/nourishes individuals.
  • It strengthens marriages/homes.
  • It strengthens communities.
  • It creates a space in which others flourish.

There are many ways to accomplish bringing these elements to your gatherings. Facilitating connections with Hashem and the Torah could be through davening, learning Torah, saying tehillim, or bringing a d’var Torah to your event. Facilitating connections with the Jewish people could be through building relationships through deep and meaningful conversation within the group, doing chesed in your community as a group, or building your group by inviting new members. Building and nourishing the home happens when women are able to recharge and bring that fresh energy and fresh perspective to their marriages and their children. Strengthening communities happens as relationships deepen and grow between group members, and they become available to help each other out with advice, friendship, and a spare cup of sugar or a dress for a simcha. Creating a space for others to flourish happens when the Connector steps back, after carefully crafting the environment, and allows others to share themselves. That can happen by asking a member to host the gathering, bring a d’var Torah, provide snacks for the group, or any other area where they can step up and shine.

Still have questions? Check out our Core Connector training page and contact a Core Guide to help get a group started in your area.

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